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 Accepting Gifts, Meals or Entertainment (Information Sheet #7)

Helpful information regarding what public servants may or may not accept.

 Authority of the Ohio Ethics Commission

An overview of the Ethics Commission’s authority and information on other agencies available for assistance.

 Board and Commission Member Do's and Don'ts

Helpful guidance for those serving on public boards and commissions.

 Board Member Seeking Employment with the Board (Information Sheet #6)

Restrictions for those serving on public boards and commissions.

 Board or Commission Member Information

This handout contains general information about the Ohio Ethics Law and related statutes (Chapter 102. and Sections 2921.42, 2921.421, and 2921.43) as they apply to individuals serving as state board and commission members. To assist you, this handout outlines, in general terms, your responsibilities under the Ethics Law and related statutes.

 Business Associates and Public Contracts (Information Sheet #15)

Restrictions regarding public officials and employees using a public position to secure public contracts for outside business associates.

 Casinos and the Ohio Ethics Law (Information Sheet #9)

General information regarding existing and newly created Ethics Law restrictions that apply to the public officials charged with overseeing the casino industry.

 Conferences and the Ohio Ethics Law

Explains how the law applies when a public official or employee is attending a conference.

 Conflicts of Interest: What Should I Know?

A brief overview of conflict of interest issues under the Ohio Ethics Law.

 Cuyahoga County (Information Sheet #10)

Provides a general overview of the Ethics Law for officials and employees in new and existing Cuyahoga County agencies.

 Doing Business with Retirement Systems in Ohio

Explains the Law as it applies to investment advisors and others doing business with retirement systems.

 Financial Disclosure Fact Sheet

Details who is required to file a disclosure statement, what must be disclosed on the forms, and filing deadlines.

 Financial Disclosure FAQs

The most commonly asked questions on how to complete the financial disclosure form and other helpful information.

 Full Outline of the Ohio Ethics Law

A more extensive outline of the entire Ethics Law.

 General Information on the Ethics Law and Ethics Commission

A brief overview of the purpose and value of the Ohio Ethics Law.

 Gift and Entertainment Bulletin

Guidance on what can and cannot be accepted as gifts and entertainment.

 Investigation Confidentiality at the Ohio Ethics Commission

Why the Ethics Commission cannot legally answer some questions regarding its investigations.

 Model Ethics Policy for Local Agencies

 Model Ethics Policy for State Agencies

Model ethics policies for state and local governments which have been endorsed by the Ohio Ethics Commission. The Commission encourages its use and distribution by state agencies and local jurisdictions as an excellent means of communicating the general terms of the conflict of interest and related provisions of the Ethics Law.

Please note that, although the model policies communicate the general terms of the Law, they do not replace or substitute the statutory provisions, which control the conduct of all public officials and employees within the state of Ohio. Therefore, we recommend the appropriate policy be distributed along with a copy of the Law, should a jurisdiction or agency choose to use it. (Revised Code Section 102.09(D) requires that each public agency provide a copy of the Ethics Law to each public official or employee serving the agency within 15 days of hire, election, or appointment. Each official or employee must acknowledge, in writing, that he or she has received it.) A copy of the Ethics Law can be obtained by contacting us.

Please contact our office if you have questions relating to the model policies.

 Nepotism Restrictions FAQ

The most common questions about nepotism addressed in user-friendly language.

 Nepotism Restrictions (Information Sheet #1)

A review of the prohibitions of hiring family members into public service.

 Overview of the Ohio Ethics Law

This Overview of the Ohio Ethics Law is a helpful accompaniment to the law itself and explains and describes the law in layperson easy-to-understand terms. The document also contains examples and links to fact sheets and advisory opinions that makes the Ethics Law understandable and relatable.

 Person Serving in Multiple Public Positions (Information Sheet #12)

Explains the Law as it applies to any person who wants to hold more than one public position at the same time.

 Post-Employment Restrictions (Information Sheet #5)

What you need to know when leaving a public job or position.

 Post-Employment and Revolving Door - Ohio's Ethics Law

This worksheet was created to assist public officials and employees to make a smooth transition to new jobs.

 Private Sector Brochure

Quick overview on the Ethics Law as it pertains to the private sector.

 Private Sector Newsletter

Guidance for private sector entities that are regulated or do business with governmental offices.

 Property Matter Affecting a Public Official or Employee (Information Sheet #8)

Information for officials serving a public agency that is considering a matter that affects property in which the official has an interest.

 Property Matter Affecting Family Members (Information Sheet #13)

How the Law applies when an official serves a public agency that is considering a matter involving the property of her family member.

 Public-Private Partnerships (Information Sheet #11)

Discusses interactions between public agencies and private businesses or organizations.

 Regulatory Matter Affecting a Public Official or Employee (Information Sheet #14)

How the law applies when a public official’s agency is considering a regulatory matter in which the public official has an interest.

 Reminder about Summer Jobs and Restrictions on Nepotism Bulletin

A bulletin issued to server a reminder about summer jobs and restrictions on nepotism.

 Selling Goods or Services to a Local Public Agency (Information Sheet #2)

Restrictions for local public officials who wish to sell goods or services to the agency she serves

 Seeking New or Outside Employment (Information Sheet #4)

Explains how the Law applies when a public official or employee is searching for a new job or outside employment.

 State Officials or Employees Selling Goods or Services (Information Sheet #3)

Restrictions for state officials or employees who wish to sell goods or services to a state agency.

 The Ohio Ethics Law Outline

A brief outline of the major provisions of the Ohio Ethics Law.

 Trustees of Public Colleges and Universities

An outline of the Ethics Law for those serving on public college and university boards of trustees.

 When is a Gift a Donation?

Guidance for the public and private sectors regarding donations to public entities.